The day I got in touch with the Maker Movement

As a design passionate I heard and read about a side of the DIY movement that has to do with printing 3D objects. I have seen a 3D printer at work before but never got up close and personal with the technology.
Today everything changed! As I visited the Chicago Public Library I made the discovery of the year on the third floor. It is called the “CPL Maker Lab” a jovial open space to Learn and practice 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting and a lot more. They offer classes and tonight I was able to make my first 3D print.


A Makerbot 3D printer rendering my design

It was a Keychain project. I decided to reproduce my logo using the web based app Tinkercad. It was a great experience!
Visit the Chicago Public Library or Google the Maker Lab in Chicago to learn more.


Final 3D print

I am looking forward to learning more about this whole movement and explore the possibilities.

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08. May 2014 by Eric
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