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Like many people I happen to stop when I am  walking, just to take photos for the sake of reminding myself of something, immortalizing a moment, or simply for sharing online. Even before the days of Instagram, I was a Flickr fan and was doing the same thing with my bigger and heftier DSLR. Today, it is easier for me to sharpen my photo skills in terms of composition, and even color and some editing. I can do everything on my phone. To the exception of one or two shots, all my Instagram photos are taken, edited and published from my smartphone.

The other day I was walking in a park and saw a tree and had an idea that would, in the past require more than a smartphone to accomplish. I wanted to put my head in a part of the tree that looked oval and had a smother texture. My photoshop skills helped but the spontaneity of the execution of the work amazed me. I simply snapped a couple of images of the tree and once I got home, I used my front camera to take photos of my head.

Original shots in my phone’s photo gallery

I then opened the images in my Photoshop Touch  and after playing around with the app, I was able to obtain a result very close to what I had in mind.


Two years ago, many photography industry insider predicted that the point-and-shoot camera will soon become an obsolete product as our smartphone cameras are getting better and better. Iphone’s stellar image quality set a revolution in the way people take images. Even professional photographers like Chase Jarvis published “iphoneography” photo books and we all soon agreed upon the famous quote that says that “The best camera is the one you have with you” which our smartphones happen to have become in over 99 percent of the time for most people.

Twitter images and Instagram also revolutionized the way we share images.For those of us with a deeper love for photography image editing apps such as Snapseed, Photoshop Touch  it almost legitimized the seriousness we give to smartphone photos. We’ve seen reknowned magazines publish iPhone photos on the cover. No matter the operating system war, Android, iOS or Windows Phone, photography is has become a very important selling point. Brands like Nokia and their Lumia 1520 smartphone model with the ability to capture a whoping 20 megapixels; LG’s G3 with laser fast focus system; – shows the seriousness of what photography means to smartphone makers as they are utterly answering a certain demand.

A few days ago, Adobe released more mobile applications and while we may think those things are too much of a novelty, I start to believe in the power of mobile devices for creatives. Bentley recently publish a commercial video exclusively produced using iPhones and iPad for both image capture and video editing.  I long to see more and more smartphone and tablets digital art.

PS: I am an ESL speaker. Please forgive grammar mistakes or unusual word choices.

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23. June 2014 by Eric
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